1. 3-layer or 5-layer corrugated cardboard of E, B, C, AB, BC profiles.

  2. Shipping boxes of certified corrugated cardboard with or without print. 

    White or brown cardboard is used, depending on the size and characteristics of the products: food, household or chemical products, etc.
  3. Individual package construction design specifically for your product.

    While designing the package we take into account the features of your product: weight, size, characteristics of storage and transportation, fragility.
  4. Design and sample manufacturing.

    Our artists and designers will make samples of packing according to your wishes. Test samples will allow you to check whether packaging is suitable your product and suggestions, and to make changes in time.
  5. 3-color flexographic printing on corrugated cardboard.

    We offer bright and attractive solutions for printing design on packaging in accordance with your wishes and features of your product.